Carbon Capture & Storage For A Low-Carbon Energy Future

Clean coal technology points us in the direction we need to go and is showing us the way to a cleaner environment. High efficiency coal technology reduces the carbon footprint at today’s power plants. Over time, carbon capture and storage would make electricity from coal virtually emissions free.


What Powers Life in Just One Day

Every day our lives are shaped by what we see, where we go and what we do, and these actions are greatly attributed to modern conveniences powered by low cost electricity from coal. In just one day, the world is energized by 21 million tonnes of coal. Coal fuels more energy than any other source and is by far the world’s lowest cost major source of power.

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What Technology is Powering Your Future?

The answer: clean coal technology.
Coal powers more electricity around the world than any other fuel and is increasingly important to our energy future. Coal is expected to become the world’s largest energy source in coming years, surpassing oil.


From Candles to Computers

Linda Jing discusses growing up in rural China with limited access to electricity and the empowering experience of moving to a major city.


The World is Counting on Coal to Power Growing Needs

Rapid urbanization is driving energy growth across emerging economies, with as many as 70 million people migrating to urban centers each year through 2020. Much of this global growth is being fueled by coal: one 500 megawatt coal plant comes online every three days. The majority of this power is being developed as high-efficiency supercritical and ultra-supercritical generation that delivers very low emissions.


China’s “Economic Miracle” Powers Progress with Energy Access

Increased energy access is key to lifting citizens out of poverty. China’s efforts in recent decades to improve poverty rates and raise the overall quality of life for Chinese people have been successful in large part because of the role coal plays in extending energy access.


China Poised for Green Energy Revolution Led by Technology and Coal

With the world’s fastest-growing economy, China is the largest energy user and largest coal user. Now China is developing what will be the world’s largest near-zero emissions rate coal power plant through its signature GreenGen Power Project and Carbon Research Center in the city of Tianjin.


Why We Need More Coal Based Electricity: Energy Realities Facing the United States

Frank Clemente Ph.D. | Senior Professor of Social Science & Energy Policy, Penn State University

Presentation on the unique role that coal plays in powering our world.


Coal Drives China’s Unprecedented Industrial and Economic Growth

With coal as its primary energy source, China has grown to become the second-largest economy in the world. But that’s no surprise: Throughout much of its history, China has relied on coal for energy, and has been the world’s biggest coal producer for most of the past 2,000 years. More recently, this reliance on abundant, affordable coal has played a central role in driving China’s unprecedented industrial and economic growth.


UN climate talks: Poland gives coal a voice

Associated Press | Nov. 8, 2013

With coal-reliant Poland hosting UN climate talks, the fossil fuel industry will get a rare chance to play a more visible role in the global warming debate.

But in a move that has infuriated climate activists, the Polish government will also preside over a high-level coal industry event on the sidelines of the two-week climate conference, which starts Monday.