Why Carbon Capture is A Vital Low Carbon Technology

Published: 04 Nov 2015

Why Carbon Capture is A Vital Low Carbon Technology

At a time when fossil fuels supply 80 percent of the world’s energy and are expected to dominate for decades, a portfolio of low carbon technologies is required for sustainable resource development aligning with the world’s economic, social and environmental goals.  

In a new report, the Australia-based Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute outlines the important contribution carbon capture and storage can make in enabling nations to use their natural resources and optimize power systems. It explores why policy parity for low-carbon technologies will be critical to this support, and offers policy recommendations to mobilize public and private investments to accelerate deployment of carbon capture technology and realize the many benefits. 

To download the study, (GCCSI), Carbon Capture and Storage: A Vital Low Carbon Technology That Can Deliver on Economic Development, Energy Security and Climate Goals, please Click Here.


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