What Technology is Powering Your Future?

Published: 24 Mar 2015

What Technology is Powering Your Future?

The answer: clean coal technology. Coal powers more electricity around the world than any other fuel and is increasingly important to our energy future. Coal is expected to become the world’s largest energy source in coming years, surpassing oil.  

Rapid urbanization globally is leading to continued demand for energy.  Some 75 million people will be added to cities each year through 2020, calling for more appliances, more electronics and more everyday conveniences, requiring major amounts of electricity and steel.

Coal is an abundant, reliable and affordable fuel source, representing 55 percent of proven global energy reserves. Coal will continue to be essential for fueling low-cost electricity and remains an essential ingredient in the world’s steel supply.

Today’s clean coal technologies transform the way coal is used into high-efficiency energy systems that reduce key emissions. In the United States, use of  coal for electricity has increased 170 percent alongside a doubling of GDP since 1970. During this time, key emission rates per megawatt hour took a steep, 90 percent decline, all thanks to the power of technology. 

That’s a remarkable environmental success story, and improvements continue year after year.

Watch the video to learn more about today’s clean coal technologies.

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