Colorado Family Keeps the Lights Off to Save Money

Published: 29 Jul 2014

Colorado Family Keeps the Lights Off to Save Money

A Colorado single mother of five asks her son a simple question, "why do you need to turn the lights off?" His answer…"because otherwise there's no money."

In Pueblo, Colorado, families like Sharon Garcia's have to keep lights turned off and appliances unplugged in order to put food on the table and stay connected. Sharing her personal story in the Washington Post, Garcia speaks of the daily struggles she faces with rising electricity costs. No matter how deep she rations energy… no matter how far she cuts, Sharon Garcia can’t get ahead of soaring power costs. The shutdown of coal plants and an aggressive switch to renewables are cited major causes for increased power.

Coal supplies the lowest cost electricity in the U.S. for any major fuel. The states that don't use coal wrestle with electricity costs that are nearly twice as much as the states that predominantly use coal for electricity.

America should support policies which increase access to reliable, low-cost power – particularly from today’s advanced coal technologies.

Image reproduced from Washington Post piece.


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